Is it a Banksy? We once had one on our shop!

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Is it a Banksy?

I took this photo as I approached the shop - great graffiti!  James Brown no less. No it isn't a Banksy, but we once had one painted on out shop. It was only there very briefly - It got painted over by some local grafitti artists.

The Bansky picture below can be found a couple of streets away from our shop. This contraversial image is not the original however. That one was sold, but had also been vandalised. If you want to read all about it, here is a link to an article in the Guardian. Banksy article  Local paper the Brighton Argus also ran the story

james brown to shopPolicemen kissing by Banksy

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I just came across this page by accident. That James Brown street art is awesome! 8)

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